weekly penguin cartoon


Oct 19: Two cute.

Oct 12: Or it could just be projection.

Oct 05: There’s probably a good market for mostly-obsolete hardware here.

Sep 28: It's handy to have one just lying around in the lab.

Sep 21: There's more than one way to scam a herring.

Sep 14: This method also takes care of lunch.

Sep 07: Not a low-calorie job, though.

Aug 31: Completely and utterly impossible.

Aug 24: Don't push it.

Aug 17: The 'tipsy bridesmaid' shot is mandatory.

Aug 10: And talking to tech support is also a challenge.

Aug 03: You can make them out of anything really.

Jul 27: Natural selection for music: when the new lyrics are ear-wormier than the original.

Jul 20: If you don't get it, you're not old enough yet.

Jul 13: The app gets the royalties, though.

Jul 06: Birth of a labor movement.

Jun 29: That’s not an amuse-bec, it’s the entrée.

Jun 22: It's not even a big red button.

Jun 15: The industrial strength version.

Jun 08: But the Old Farts' Coffee Club would like to speak with you.

This is as close as we're ever going to get to activating anyone's Naughty Filter. Sorry, or, you're welcome.
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