weekly penguin cartoon


Mar 15: Jury is still out - to lunch.

Mar 08: Musicians have the best swears.

Mar 01: Put it on the garden. The flowers are looking a little peckish.

Feb 22: Fish are friends! Until they’re food.

Feb 15: Well, I still watch, I just don't bet.

Feb 08: On the internet, nobody knows you're a cat. But they might guess.

Feb 01: Every website you visit already knows you want one.

Jan 25: A new winter extreme sport…?

Jan 18: A rather loose definition of ‘safe.’

Jan 11: Vacation priorities.

Jan 04: Gosh, what an interesting-looking game!

Dec 28: Well? Is it easy to be green, or not?

Dec 21: I celebrate Secular Herring Feast Day.

Dec 14: And you know what the doctor said about that.

Dec 07: I can quit anytime I want. I just don’t want.

Nov 30: And a better conversationalist too.

Nov 23: The ease of the job depends on the depth of the toolbox.

Nov 16: Too bad there are those pesky hatchling labor laws.

Nov 09: Because the sushi chef cancelled at the last minute.

Nov 02: There's an even easier way.

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