weekly penguin cartoon


Jul 13: The app gets the royalties, though.

Jul 06: Birth of a labor movement.

Jun 29: That’s not an amuse-bec, it’s the entrée.

Jun 22: It's not even a big red button.

Jun 15: The industrial strength version.

Jun 08: But the Old Farts' Coffee Club would like to speak with you.

Jun 01: Practice makes better (and sometimes a free lunch.)

May 25: All apps will be reduced to one button, that does everything, randomly.

May 18: How to succeed by failing.

May 11: And there’s some assembly required.

May 04: If you can't print edibles, what's the point?

Apr 27: It's like a big red button labeled DON'T PUSH.

Apr 20: Getting parts is tough, though.

Apr 13: Or you could use it as a random number generator.

Apr 06: They don't know how to use the command line, either.

Mar 30: Make sure you post a picture of it first, though.

Mar 23: Go ahead, try this at home. As long as you don't live near me.

Mar 16: It’s a fine line between fashion and crazy. Too bad it’s not a fence.

Mar 09: I only made one little change.

Mar 02: Having a time machine means you can really indulge your hobbies.

Jazz! The Herringbone Stompers get ready to tour...
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