weekly penguin cartoon


Oct 20: Because hatchlings gotta rebel.

Oct 13: And it’s medicinal!

Oct 06: Cute cures all.

Sep 29: They also hate my robot T-Rex.

Sep 22: Or, he might have just fed the kids.

Sep 15: Or facts.

Sep 08: May or may not contain earworm, depending on your age.

Sep 01: Which could also explain those times it rains herrings.

Aug 25: Stop quibbling. Start nibbling.

Aug 18: I thought it was TV that puts the pounds on.

Aug 11: Food can be art and vice-versa.

Aug 04: Wishful thinking.

Jul 28: Just old-fashioned.

Jul 21: Which also explains the hat.

Jul 14: And the litterbox is why we have hatchlings.

Jul 07: Laziest password strategy ever.

Jun 30: Except flame wars have an event horizon.

Jun 23: Exercise: it’s not for getting fit, it’s for working up an appetite.

Jun 16: Behavioral encouragement for Father’s Day.

Jun 09: It is, but not the way they mean.

Cute! But crazy. But cute!
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